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So you’ve been in business a while and you’ve overcome some of the common frustrations of operations that plague every small business; too much work in the business vs on the business, no more time to get things done, not growing fast enough, not making enough money for the effort put in, uncertainty about accounting, revenue and expenses.   We get it. That’s the reason many clients come to us. They’re looking for solutions to those
Too often, too much time is spent in working within the business vs. on the business growth.  There’s confusion between profits and cash flow and it’s most often due to an understanding of revenue, expense drivers and product or service margins.  This is tough stuff to manage appropriately, even for experienced business owners.  There will always come a time when the businesses success grows beyond the capability of the owner or business principal to comprehend
In recent years, cloud-based technology has transformed our lives and given us an opportunity to effectively manage our business and personal needs.  Whether you’re paying bills online or posting pictures on social media, you are technically in “the cloud”.  What is cloud-based accounting? A cloud-based accounting solution uses a virtual server installed on your devices to manage your company’s financial data.  This remote server is housed off site with the selected hosting company.  Your data