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In recent years, cloud-based technology has transformed our lives and given us an opportunity to effectively manage our business and personal needs.  Whether you’re paying bills online or posting pictures on social media, you are technically in “the cloud”. 

What is cloud-based accounting?

A cloud-based accounting solution uses a virtual server installed on your devices to manage your company’s financial data.  This remote server is housed off site with the selected hosting company.  Your data is saved in the cloud and securely stored for access anywhere.  The term cloud simply means the internet.  With a cloud-based accounting solution, your platform is less complicated, less costly and gives you instant access to all aspects of your business. 

Access Real-time data anytime – anywhere

We know the importance of having a successful business, but we also know that accessibility is key to running a successful business.  By allowing real-time data and access anytime, anywhere your business is in the forefront.  Allowing you continual control, and everything you need to manage and collaborate with your accountants, advisors, colleagues, and employees. 

Cost Effective solution

The loss of data can be devastating.  Any attempt to recover the lost data can prove to be time-consuming and costly for any business.  Cloud-based accounting solutions will save you time and money, as well as, allow your accountants to stick to important tasks and remain productive.  Allowing you to monitor business finances for more immediate and informed decisions contributing to the success of your business.

World Class Security

With all the emphasis on cyber security, no one can ignore its importance. With old accounting software, if your laptop or hard drive was stolen, so was all your data.  Most businesses will experience some unforeseeable event that may affect the integrity and loss of its data.   With a cloud-based accounting solution, your data is always backed-up, encrypted, stored securely, updated and maintained in real-time awaiting your next secure login.

Ready to streamline your business with cloud-based accounting solutions?

The realm of accounting is more innovative than ever.   This is the time to consider switching over to a cloud-based solution and see firsthand the increased success of your business.  Call us today at 916.773.7053 to access your own customized cloud-based solution. 

For more information, be sure to check out our Outsourced CFO Solutions “On Demand Command Center” app.