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Too often, too much time is spent in working within the business vs. on the business growth.  There’s confusion between profits and cash flow and it’s most often due to an understanding of revenue, expense drivers and product or service margins.  This is tough stuff to manage appropriately, even for experienced business owners.  There will always come a time when the businesses success grows beyond the capability of the owner or business principal to comprehend all the changes, in addition to the fiscal side of the operation.  If you wait too long, you will find yourself scrambling to figure out what happened. 


Online access to all business operations is a tool business owners must have to truly understand at all times where the business is headed which is vital to staying on track with business growth and success goals.  Electronic digitized documents, filing and instant access to data is no longer a luxury, but an essential aspect of business not to be ignored.  Understanding the process and utilizing electronic operational features may seem daunting, but with our help you will be well into the next century of business operations.  According to the U. S. Small Business Administration, 40 percent of new small businesses fail in the first two years.  There’s a very simple reason.  Lack of transparency in their operation and lack of understanding what they’re seeing when they do see it.


There are many reasons these things occur, but one constant factor is that it’s too much for one or two people to handle when they could actually be working on business aspects they need to be focused on doing.  Communication with your team, understanding your clear point of differentiation, and pricing appropriately with data vs. gut instinct are what we see are common errors that occur as a small businesses growth cycle.  Without competent control and electronic systems to prevent a lacking strategy to get through growth will immediately cripple business momentum.  Growing revenues, margins and net profit don’t last in an accidental environment.  They must be intentional to be sustained.  The question is always… “But how can I do that on top of everything else I already do every day?”


Oustourced CFO Solutions is here!  Offering a variety of viable options and electronic tools with experienced advisors to help you decide what fit best for your business needs and organization.  We’ll discuss and explore the options to help you accomplish goals you’ve set and demonstrate our suggestions with real time data and case studies.  You will benefit from our professional help to get your business to the next level.  Trust, us the professionals to help you get there.  For more information on taking your business to that next level, give us a call at 916-773-7053 or on line at www.outsourcedcfosolutions.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.